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The Air Forces Top Six Imperatives For The Biden Years

The Air Forces Top Six Imperatives For The Biden Years post thumbnail image

The Biden administration has settled on the top air-power priorities for the next two years, and outlined six core priorities in his address. The first priority is improving the readiness of our fighters. The Air Force is already a leader in the area, but if the new secretary of defense is serious about combat readiness, he must make sure it is a global leader as well.

There are several facets of modernization, and some are more important than others. But there are six priorities that should dominate Air Force thinking over the next two years. According to a source at the Pentagon, a significant investment in space assets is essential to our warfighters. China and Russia have developed ways to degrade and undermine U.S. space systems during wartime. These include jamming, cyber intrusion, and kinetic attacks.

In addition to acquiring more powerful weapons and space capabilities, the Air Force is also investing in cyber capabilities and ensuring the survivability of forward bases. These efforts are likely to continue to be a major priority during the Biden years. The White House’s selection of Draper Lab CEO William LaPlante as its new acquisition czar reveals the Obama administration’s desire to ensure a successful transition.

Modernization is a critical component of our future defense strategy. While the new administration is making it easier to get things done, some aspects of modernization have greater urgency than others. While some aspects of modernization are more urgent than others, the six top priorities for the Air Force in the coming years are expected to dominate Air Force thinking. While these imperatives are not exhaustive, they are likely to be the focal points of the organization’s thinking in the coming years.

The biden administration’s selection of LaPlante as the next secretary of defense has made it more likely to approve the nominee. In addition to hiring LaPlante, the White House has also appointed three other officials to help improve the Air Force’s modernization process. The top priorities will be in place in the near future. These goals will be addressed in detail during the next two years.

The modernization of the Air Force will be easier in the Biden years, since the new administration is selecting a team of like-minded acquisition officials. The administration has also identified six modernization imperatives, including defining next-generation air dominance and implementing moving-target engagement at scale. These are important for the air force in two reasons. Firstly, the new administration’s priorities are broader and more strategic than ever before.


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